About us

"Non-surgical aesthetics education is the canvas where artistry meets science, shaping skilled hands and knowledgeable minds to sculpt the future of beauty without boundaries."

-Pines Aesthetics

Master of Aesthetics By Pines Aesthetics

Master of Aesthetics leads medical aesthetics techniques education, driven by Pines Aesthetics. We offer comprehensive training in health services, Cosmetic Non-Surgical Treatments, Slimming Services, Laser Hair Reduction, and cutting-edge procedures.

Our focus is nurturing medical professionals in aesthetics through expert-led curriculum. The fusion of theory and practical experience equips students for industry challenges. Our facilities replicate real-world settings, ensuring hands-on training at industry standards, emphasizing ethics and client care.

Whether starting or advancing in aesthetics, our tailored programs cover diverse topics, providing a broad understanding of cosmetic procedures and health services.

Join us to redefine excellence in beauty, wellness, and aesthetics. Experience an innovative education for a rewarding career in non-surgical treatments.

Katherine Gomez,

NP, Trainer